We sent our oldest to Park Preschool in 2011 and now, six consecutive years later, our youngest is in his final year.

All three of our children look forward to each and every day of school.

The staff at Park Preschool is kind and nurturing and the families form a strong, supportive community.

We are grateful to Park Preschool for providing a fun, safe and creative environment that instilled a love of learning and ensured all of our children were well prepared for Kindergarten.

Emily Hunt

Park Preschool has been a wonderful experience for all three of our children.  My husband and I had been nervous about getting our oldest into preschool but Khris and Ellen were so welcoming at our initial tour, we knew it was the school we wanted.  Our children thrived in an environment where they could play and learn how to adapt to the classroom at their own pace.  

Emmaline, Fotini, Janera, Isabel and Asya all have been patient, nurturing and consistent teachers.  I'll never forget when I went back to work after a maternity leave and my 4 year old started acting up.  Asya and Isabel were right on top of it, we dealt with it together and they couldn't have been more supportive.  One more reason we knew we made the right choice with PPS.

Our youngest now bolts to school just like his older siblings did.  It's a joy sending them to a place where we know he'll get a great foundation for his education.

Susie Kelly


My two children attended PPS from ages 2-5. PPS was a great starting point for my children’s education. In addition to providing a great educational foundation for my kids, it also gave our family a sense of community. My kids have now moved on to private ongoing schools (The Allen-Stevenson School and The Spence School), but PPS still holds a special place in our hearts. Every time we walk by the windows on warren Street, we share stories about the good times spent at PPS.  


Jodi Sarsfield

We live in the Financial District where there is no lack of preschools to choose from, certainly closer and more convenient for us than Park. But after visiting Park for the first time we had such a good feeling that we decided to give it a year. That was in the fall of 2014, and we have been a Park Preschool family ever since. For us, it’s a fifteen minute walk each way. On a nice morning it’s a wonderful time to talk with our son; on the way home, it's a time to recap his school day and connect; in bad weather, the subway stops just one block from the school.

 The teachers and leadership at The Park Preschool have been outstanding at challenging and guiding our son in his formative years. He has been pushed to excel at his own level, but always made to feel supported. We can honestly say that in three years our son has not once complained about having to go to school in the morning. When he is sick he still wants to go to school, which is the strongest sign a parent can have that the school is doing precisely what every parent hopes it will. This is a nurturing environment and a safe and good place, and our son has thrived in it. As he heads off to kindergarten in the fall, he is currently sad that he’ll have to leave the school he loves, but we are confident that this place he loves has prepared him incredibly well for what lies ahead.

Amy and James Meader

The Park Preschool is an amazing place for your child to learn and grow academically, socially, emotionally, and adaptively! I have worked at the Park Preschool for many years with several children in different capacities (as a SEIT, special educator, and as a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analsyst)).
The Park Preschool is not only a warm, welcoming environment; this school is SEIT friendly and understands that not all children need the same things in order the learn and grow. Every teacher and administrator at the Park preschool is open to learning to things, is supportive of the child’s IEP/needs, and makes each child with and without special needs feel included and special. This school shows acceptance and kindness in an outstanding way. This is a school I would want my child to attend (whether he/she is typically development not) the Park Preschool helps a child learn through play and makes academical more structured\learning fun! Through my eyes as a Behavior Analyst and previous special education/early childhood educator, this school is a wonderful model for how all preschools should function.

Mindy Coolidge,
M.S.E.d, BCBA,
Licensed New York State Behavior Analyst


Our third son, Mack Johnston, is currently at PPS so it is safe to say we are happy customers! Our two older boys who are now 7 and 9 also attended PPS for pre-school before going to PS 234.  Like Mack, they made great friends and in general learned to love going to school (and learned how to behave in school!).  Excellent preparation for kindergarten.  The atmosphere at PPS is nurturing and fun with the perfect combination of learning and playing.  We especially like how music and art is incorporated into every season and every holiday. Khris and the entire staff of teachers are welcoming and approachable (which was not the case when we visited other pre-schools in Tribeca). We heartily recommend the Park Pre School.

Alison Johnston

Park preschool is a very special place for our family. We were a part of Park Preschool for 8 years as my 3 children all attended.  They left Park well informed and prepared to move onto kindergarten. 

Park Preschool provides a happy nurturing environment for kids to learn and grow. My kids would always come home very happy from school. The teachers and staff at Park are warm and caring. My children learned many academic and social skills at Park. I enjoyed volunteering to come into cook or work on a project with the kids.  My kids still remember park and the special teachers they had there. I highly recommend  Park for preschool. 

Sima Beydoun


The Park PreSchool has been a wonderful experience for our whole family. Our oldest who is now at Poly Prep greatly enjoyed his class, teachers and friends. His experience was a great stepping stone for Poly Prep and helped us to not think twice about where to send our youngest when he turned two! 

In contrast to his older brother our youngest is quieter and a bit tentative. He has blossomed so much socially over this past year. His teachers are so nurturing and supportive and I attribute a lot of their efforts to his emotional growth.  We very much feel lucky to be a part of The Park Preschool family.

Lisa and Peter Poulakakos